David Archuleta Speaks OUT

Again I don’t feel comfortable sharing it, but felt I needed to to bring more awareness to people in my same situation and let you know you’re not alone. You can be part of the LGBTQIA+ community and still believe in God and His gospel plan. – David #ThinkSmarter

PETA’s “RAK THE VOTE”, a Voter’s Education Campaign

PETA is unwavering in its mission to empower audiences using theater as a means of service to the people. PETA enjoins its audiences, the Filipino public, especially the energized young electorate, to use their power to fight for our nation’s future.

Cabangon closes with, “The elections are a critical moment that will determine our lives. We all have the power to choose the leaders who will help us build a free and just society. Together let us #RakTheVote!”

Thai Idols Mario, Nonkul & Gulf as TNT Ambassadors

Thai content became mainstream particularly during the lockdown and their Boys Love series have inspired numerous Pinoy BL series like Gameboys and Hello Stranger and now they’re part of the biggest prepaid telco provider in the Philippines TNT Mario Maurer, Gulf Kanawut & Nonkul! #BaeWatch #BaeDay #TNTCon2021 #TNTKiligSaya


Living more than a hundred lives behind the proscenium made me understand the human heart. From my first role to my last – I offered each performance as a sign of my gratitude to my Heavenly Producer.” Celia Diaz Laurel

Earth Day 2021

When the world is taking a pause, when most are at home or taking a breather from what supposed to have been a busier life yet halted by COVID19 pandemic,


The Rak of Aegis streaming cast includes Aicelle Santos, Pepe Herrera, Poppert Bernadas, Isay Alvarez-Seña, Robert Seña, Joann Co, Jimi Marquez, and Gie Onida, together with John Moran, Matel Patayon, Marynor Madamesila, Lemuel Silvestre, Teetin Villanueva, and Rafael Sudayan in the ensemble. #RakofAegis

Hot Topic: Markki Stroem

Markki is one of the male male celebrities today that has strong creative presence that goes beyond boundaries and it’s great to see it coming and there’s a supportive fanbase to back-up this guy. #ThinkSmarter

Twitter Spaces Encourages Online Conversations

It still is in its infancy stage, more things could still happen as it becomes more interesting due to monetary opportunities and why it’s getting traction? Simply, it’s an auditory entertainment that was inspired by your classic FM or AM radio stations without pressure on visuals, but still allows live audience interactions.