ThinkSmarter Halalan 2022: Samira Gutoc

Walang bago kung sila-sila pa rin, at wala tayong makikitang pag-unlad sa mga liblib na probinsya kung lahat ng senador ay galing sa mga mayayamang siyudad at angkan na ginagawang negosyo ang pamumulitika.

Higher Standards in Beauty Pageants than Politics

This is not a political post or an attempt to ridicule certain candidates but I am just really surprised that we demand more truth and competence from “commoners” than electing leaders where the latter has more control into our lives.

Survey: What do you want this Christmas?

We have many wishes and there’s nothing wrong if we want to receive gifts this holiday coz we have to admit it that it’s good to hope that we are still special to others.

BaeDay Updates

Baeday so what’s the update with our favorite Baes #Marites