14-Year Old Bimby & Kris Aquino

This video talks so much about SOGIE and it must really be tough being a son of a media magnet like Kris Aquino. Perhaps who could have answered those questions comfortably and brilliantly if Bimby wasn’t that smart and was raised very well.


Since 2014, Rak of Aegis has captured the hearts of audiences with its humor, music, message of resiliency, family, and community. Now, finally, Villa Venezia and its well-loved residents will grace the screens, with a newfound relevance to the show’s message.

BaeDay featuring Darwin Yu

Darwin Yu is a very charming and humble mestizo and perhaps one of the most recognizable faces during the lockdown that makes us also inspired

Award-Winning Film Dear Tenant Champions Gay Parents in Taiwan

Dear Tenant, the recipient of three prestigious accolades (Best Leading Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Original Screen Film Score) at the Golden Horse Awards 2020, the Oscars equivalent of the Mandarin-speaking world, will premiere in on April 1st exclusively via the global LGBTQ+ streaming platform, GagaOOLala. #ThinkSmarter

BaeDay: Shu Calleja Wushu Athlete and Influencer

Shu has an amazing and charming content online that shares more good vibes to his followers. He recently appeared in Gagaoolala – Find YourStory’s Happenstance and will be appearing in another BL series soon. #BaeDay #ShuCalleja

Kdrama: Navillera, What can you still dream at age 70?

This is also timely for our elders to discover new interests and it’s also gender bending since these are men who are into ballet. This is not BL, this is about discovering passion in whatever age you may be. Go watch it! #ThinkSmarter