14-Year Old Bimby & Kris Aquino

This video talks so much about SOGIE and it must really be tough being a son of a media magnet like Kris Aquino. Perhaps who could have answered those questions comfortably and brilliantly if Bimby wasn’t that smart and was raised very well.


Since 2014, Rak of Aegis has captured the hearts of audiences with its humor, music, message of resiliency, family, and community. Now, finally, Villa Venezia and its well-loved residents will grace the screens, with a newfound relevance to the show’s message.

The Doctors are IN Youtube

There are more doctors who are now online and amid their busy schedules they still manage to share more medical advice for free. This is something we can appreciate a lot from them since they educate more people to refer to science, especially those who have specialization, no further excuses to rely on quack doctors. With this pandemic, there are even e-consultations #ThinkSmarter

BaeDay featuring Darwin Yu

Darwin Yu is a very charming and humble mestizo and perhaps one of the most recognizable faces during the lockdown that makes us also inspired

ThinkSmarter Season 2 with Janette Toral

Digital marketing is essential, but you need strategy to appeal to the right target market. I have discussed vanity numbers before, don’t dwell on that much unless you are aiming for online ads that streams within your content (but reports of dwindling compensation and stiff competition are major concerns).